David Blaine

David Blaine's Career

Blaine began his career with street magic, performing card tricks, levitation, and illusions, such as bringing apparently dead flies back to life. Recorded live in front of everyday people by a small camera crew, this act provided the basis for his breakthrough television specials, David Blaine: Street Magic, David Blaine: Magic Man, and David Blaine: Mystifier.

He later turned his attention to feats of endurance; these included being buried alive for seven days, spending 61 hours encased in ice, standing on a tiny platform at the top of a 100 foot high pole for 35 hours, and living in a transparent Perspex (Plexiglas) box for 44 days without food (over the Thames).

Though not the first entertainer to perform street magic or survive endurance stunts, Blaine's unique contribution to magic was his charismatic use of video and television to reach the MTV generation in a decade where magicians were out of touch with younger audiences.



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